PHP OPEN SOURCE LIBRARY To Advantage Page POtential in term of security and utility

This project born in the first Rome university in Information Technology for the exam called "basi di dati II" means 'database two' by a student of the third year.


tappo is Acronym of To Advantage Page POtential.

In Italian tappo means stopper (plug).


It is a Library that avoids attack's problems and help programming web-application with a simple install wizard and administration page for manage members access to pages, visitors info . For a greater and secure future.

.Is for you?
USEFUL if you programm in php
and you don't want worry
about variables to and from Get - Post - Cookie - Database.
USEFUL if you want limited access in your page
USEFUL if you want admin members and grant
This is a tempt to advantage programming php page potential.
One advantage is automatic sql injection prevenction.
All cookie saved are unwatchable from browser.
Easy admin of the members.
Easy manage of the language and visitors counter...

pomonte Elba Island Italy

.what is

It is a library in php with a core and modules to add-ons.

In the core, all code is php code, without any printed hmtl.

In the Add-ons there is html code (all html code is XHTML w3 validated.

All entire opentappo require PHP and database to be active.

Opentappo use functions taked from other open source project.


.safe and useful for website and web-application

It is 'SAFE' (a tempt to be safe) because all variables taken or sent by Get, Post, Cookie and SQL-query are Casted (typed) or coded to a 'pure' mode.

Database query has new simple sintax, so query are SQL-Injection free.

Cookie are unwatchble an secure.

Opentappo has a simple wizard install and with the admin page you can admin user access and library .

list of the current class implemented in core

core list 

Attention this version is only for the development becouse it is not yet totally complete.
. download opentappo


. Support - [ we need you ]
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This project need:

programmer - general helper - language support - debugger - ideas
if you want help us send a mail to elgiei
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comunicate p elgiei
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